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What kid didn’t dream about having their own personal butler when they grew up? Well, make that dream a reality now and get yourself your own Analog WebButler™. This handsome chap will cater to your every website-related need (basically, he’s a webmaster, but way cooler). He will ensure your site stays on top form, smart as a button and well heeled to boot. You can call on him to update your online presence, add a new page, change the navigation, add tour dates or DVD’s, and pretty much anything else you can think of. He’s also there if you need any kind of technical support. Let our WebButler™ give you lots of TLC.

We’ve heard if you ask really nicely he might even give you a foot rub.


Your vision may be whimsical or require the dramatic impact of a fire-breathing dragon. Either way, we’ll design an appealing mailer that enchants all on the receiving end. Using a concoction of raw creativity and good practice we will have your fans clamoring to open your mail.

Once we’ve nailed your mailer template we’ll happily revise the layout and distribute it regularly on your behalf. Ultimately, this means we’ve got your back, giving you time to focus on other things or just relax and watch your campaign opening rates soar.

We often get asked if we can send out newsletters by post owl. Unfortunately we do not offer this In-house, but if it is something you feel is imperative to your campaign, then we can introduce you to a fella with some birds (*cough* Harry *cough*).


Although we are often described as top notch digital folk, (blush), we still know a thing or two about how to use a potato… we utilize this versatile ground root (amongst other things*) in order to delicately craft magazine layouts, press ads, flyers and ticket design.

*We are also fond of using crayons, stencils and decoupage, but are equally content to unpack the computers and get our Adobe socks on.


Our clients will attest that we create some beautiful and unique assets. What can we say? It is indeed true, but whether or not you let us get our greasy mitts all over your initial branding, we’re not too proud to plaster it on some cool merchandise for you, very creatively of course.

Screen-printed posters, t-shirts and even harmonicas come to mind.


Whether you know it or not, your film, artist, label or festival, has a unique personality just waiting to be unleashed. Developing a strong brand lays the foundations for your public identity. Who are you and what do you believe in? What do you want to say? Color palettes, brand typography and style are developed alongside a logo to create an authentic personality that projects your beliefs. The authentic part is important, seriously, to make sure you engage the right fans and draw the right crowd. Theres nothing more embarrassing than giving people the wrong idea (theres a story about fishnet stockings, a rock metal show and a guy named Joe that could go here, but well refrain).

A brand guideline.pdf file outlines uses and applications. The logo is supplied in multiple file formats for use and application on any media. Branding is generally rolled out across all your media for consistency and may be extended to add business cards, letterhead, comp slip designs or in any other form you can imagine.


Think of your online presence as your own mini solar system. Your website is the burning sun that keeps everything else in a non-volatile and successful orbit. In short, it is the center of your universe, but it should be made to work hard for this godlike status, not allowed to rest lethargically beneath palm trees being fed grapes by scantily clad social networks.

We realize your vision from concept to completion. Websites can range from a single page artist signature site to a full blown responsive beauty, flaunting a new theatrical launch or album release. Not just a pretty face, Analog merges the most on-trend, visual techniques (who doesn’t love a good parallax, right?) with proven technology like WordPress to construct robust digital solutions that you can, if you wish, easily update yourself. Audio and video content, heavy search engine optimization, e-commerce portals, and links to social media communities with user-generated content are all used to maximize engagement with your fans.


Publishing entertaining morsels of discrete content on each relevant social media platform arouses curiosity in the audience. It is paramount that the media is appropriate for the message in order to engage the audience. Once interest is sparked your fans will be on a quest to follow your story as it develops via your online channels be it from Instagram to Facebook, or Twitter to YouTube, your Blog or, your website.

You can keep up the momentum by adding dynamic new material so the fun never ends. Each piece of the jigsaw has the potential to produce powerful user generated content when it is shared, which results in a boost of organic growth and a genuinely impressed fan base. At the end of the day, with the promise of desirable gated content such as promotions, downloads, contests and events, these are the communities that will happily commit to your mailing list and ergo attend your concert or enjoy your movie.

*SocialBunny™ Retain this loquacious lagomorph to keep your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs and Pinterest on trend and on fire. Just ask and she will design your strategy and tell your story with maximum impact. SocialBunny™ is a persuasive and prolific writer who will post relevant messages with exacting precision at optimal intervals on your behalf, observe your brand guidelines for voice, tone and personality, devised from the demographic and flag interesting or controversial comments. She will also deliver regular, clear reports that measure performance. In her downtime SocialBunny™ is a first rate prankster, her last trick was to fill the office stationary cupboard with Ping-Pong balls.


Speak to us about generous discounts for unsigned bands, charitable institutions and ongoing requirements.


You wouldn’t want to fade into the background at the hottest party of the century, so don’t let your social media sit quietly in the corner. Make sure they get asked to dance by giving them a boldly branded outfit (whether it be a pink frilly tutu or tight leather biker get up) so they look splendid and have the confidence to speak out loud and true on your behalf.

Stamping your brand proudly across your social media pages, delivers credence, extends your audience reach and drives traffic to your main site for more storytelling, fun and games.


Advertising is important and you know it. We deliver on banners, big, small, fat or thin pretty much to any specification your ad server can throw at us. Whether you seek nostalgia in the form of pixel-proud animated GIFS, the familiar face of Flash or a little adventure into the world of HTML5, we are happy to indulge your every banner related fantasy.


There is nothing quite as rousing as spying a gorgeously packaged product from the corner of your eye. We’ve all been there: just wanting to clutch it to our bosom, take it home and devour it in our own private space.

Knowing that tons of your adoring fans will truly appreciate the devotion that has been lavished on your packaging is all we need to keep us going (well almost, you still need to pay us, so we can eat and stuff).

We will design record sleeves that will turn your legs to jelly when you cop a feel, and slick digital covers for iTunes and Spotify.


*All services performed by your WebButler™, or SocialBunny™ are Analog In-house crew. You select the amount of time required per month on an annual retainer. These services are designed to give you back peace of mind and budget control while capitalizing on brand growth.