What a party!

We know it gets crazy at Southby and you may have RSVP’d and then not made it along to party with us, but if you did, and we had a an enormous response, cheers for coming along and joining the fun! The sun was shining, the beer was flowing and we are proud of the genuine international bands that graced us with their presence: Heyerdahl, Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii, Therese Aune, Highasakite, Pompeii, Little Children and The Suzan, thank you.

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SXSW Party Photobooth Pictures

The Suzan, are a Japanese all-female indie pop band who formed in 2004 and now live in NYC. The band consists of the sisters Rie and Saori and friends Nico and Ikue. Their music is considered multi-genre, with elements of pop, wild dance, punk, and garage rock.

The Suzan Band

Little Children: Distant Shouts


Distant Shouts, which was featured on Grey’s Anatomy on 14th March 2013, is the 2nd release of 2013 from Little Children following the EP, In Hau. It is raising expectations for an incredible year of music from this Swedish artist now touring in Europe.

Pompeii is an American Indie rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 2004. The band is best known for their melodic and ambient rock sound, which features the addition of a cello. Pompeiis style is noted as having a saturated ambient, elegant sound. The band is currently working on their 3rd full album.

Pompeii Band

Highasakite inhabits their own rare musical landscape, a place of long dark shadows, flashes of glittering light, brooding silences and unexpected explosions of fierce percussion. Their new EP In and out of Weeks was released on March 5, 2013. The band is on tour in Denmark, Germany and Sweden through May. Catch them if you can.

Highasakite Photo

Therese Aune plays dreamy cinematic music, drawing inspiration both from pop music and classical minimalists. Her debut album, Billowing Shadows, Flickering Light was released on indie, label, Riot Factory in 2012. Watch out for the new US release during 2013!

Therese Aune

For a couple of years now, the Norwegian duo Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii have been carving out their distinct line of chill-wave electro, coupled with raw punk attitude. After the release of their second single on the fast rising Brilliance Records, the BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank proclaimed to “love it”, and immediately got on board, broadcasting their music to a global BBC audience.

Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii

Hailing from Oslo, Heyerdahl recently released the album ØEN following on the heels of their bewitching single; Mirage. The haunting melodies emanating from this earthy band reflect some of the unusual recording locations, which we are reliably informed, include the shore of a lighthouse during a thunderstorm.


The party was a true team effort and we want to take a moment to say thank you to our friends and co-sponsors! These include the Norwegian Brilliance Management who look after Heyerdahl and Tomorrow We Move to Hawaii. Contact: [email protected], International Rescue Artist Development who’s roster includes Little Children and The Suzan. Contact: [email protected] And, last but by no means least the orchestrators and our co -conspirators, the Austin Indie label Red Eye Transit Records! Their family includes Heyerdahl, Therese Aune and Tomorrow We Move To Hawaii. They made it look easy to pull this cool party together, so a massive shout out to RET! Check them out on their shiny new website, designed by Analog right here: http://www.redeyetransit.com